Almar Furs


Dear valued Almar Furs customers,
I am pleased to announce that Woody’s Furs from Houston, Tx. has agreed to take over the service business that we have been so proud of for all these years.I have known Woody for over 30 years and know the good work he provides. He stores, conditions, repairs and restyles on location. He is reputable and will make sure that you and your garments are handled with special care. Woody will send letters and or make phone calls as to where and when he will be located to pick up your garments for storage and cleaning to his modern climate controlled vault.
Woody’s Furs is located at 2050 Post Oak Blvd. in Houston 77056. His phone number is 713-212-0300 and his email is: sales@woodysfurs.com. See his web site for additional information.
Regards and Thanks to you All for your patronage all these years.
Al and MaryAnn Freidin

Almar Furs