Almar Furs


Most customers or prospective customers do not realize that outdated fur can be restyled into a new fresh updated look. Body styles can be changed – made larger or smaller. Shoulders can be reshaped and sleeves can be tailored. Garments can be lengthened or shortened. Most furs, as long as they are not dried out, can be made to look almost new.

Don’t want that new look? How about a throw or blanket? Or even a teddy bear or two.

So don’t give up on that fur you inherited or the fur garment that has been hanging in the closet and is not being worn for one reason or another. Let us give you our opinion. Grandma or Aunt Jane would be thrilled to know her fur is still being used for something useful. Sentimental value is priceless!

Almar Furs


Almar Furs